Very Bold Coaches

Equipping coaches for success on and off the field.

We encourage, equip, and strive to help high school coaches to maximize their faith relationship in Christ, their professional lives, and their impact in their athletes’ and students’ lives.

We accomplish this through friendship, prayer, support, and weekly Bible Studies (amazing resources provided by an outstanding ministry called Coaches Outreach) at high schools in San Antonio and New Braunfels.

Very Bold is blessed and encouraged by great coaches at these high schools: 

  • Johnson
  • Brandeis
  • Alamo Heights
  • L.E.E.
  • Canyon High School

Here’s What Coaches Say About Us:

Coaches Outreach has been a blessing to me personally. I look forward to meeting every week and being in the Word with other coaches and Steve Teel. It’s made a huge impact on our staff and our relationships.

Coach Ron Rittimann

Alamo Heights Mules

Coaches Outreach has been pivotal in my life this year. Specifically, Steve Teel has been instrumental in helping me attack and subsequently overcome the many obstacles that have been thrown my way this year. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the biblical teachings that Coaches Outreach provided, the weekly support from members of the group, and most noteworthy, the spiritual guidance, and leadership from Steve.

I was so blown away by his compassion and sincere desire to pray with me and to help me get through my difficult circumstances. He listened and was slow to speak. But instead offered Godly wisdom and a compassionate heart towards me that let me know I was not alone and that God was still in control and would work everything out for my good and His glory.

Coach Stephanie Desmaris

Johnson Jaguars

Having Steve Teel as our Coaches Outreach spiritual leader has brought our coaching staff closer together by growing in our faith and enabled us to take our leadership to a new level.

Coach Doyle Redding

Brandeis Broncos

I believe that God has a plan for everybody whether they know it or not. I also believe certain people are put on this earth to help others realize that God is real and we have our own individual plan that is designed just for us. Steve is that guy for me. I was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia on the afternoon of June 2, 2018. Within 48 hours I was admitted to the hospital to begin full body radiation and chemo, and here is where Steve shined his light into my life. The relationship between Steve and I began to grow immediately and he was one of the biggest reasons that my mental and spiritual healing became the foundation of my healing process. Steve saved my life and my soul and he didn’t even know it. I had a moment in the hall of the 8th floor (cancer floor at Methodist Hospital) at that moment I felt all the prayers that were sent to me and my eyes and heart were opened. It was real for the first time in my life. That was my moment and it would have meant nothing if a guy named Steve didn’t give me the ability to appreciate God’s plan for Mike Dutson. I will be forever connected to Steve and Ron Rittimann, my two angels.

Coach Mike Dutson

L.E.E. Volunteers

Steve, Coaches Outreach has been truly life changing for me. Through it I have found my way back on the path with Christ. This has been my church and sanctuary and has been there for me in a very challenging time in my life. I am so thankful and fortunate because without it I would still be lost. This how much God loves us. Even when we are lost he is there for us to help us find our way back. Thank you, Steve.

Coach Clay Meador

Johnson Jaguars

I really enjoy Steve and what he does with Coaches Outreach. He does a great job of explaining things and helps guide your own thinking along the way. Steve’s guidance in coaches outreach has really strengthened my relationship with my faith.

Coach Rudy Nerio

Alamo Heights Mules