The Peanut Butter Bowl

High School Football Games To Defeat Hunger.

Peanut Butter Bowl is a series of Texas high school football games where we collect peanut butter at the games as well as online donations to give to local non-profit organizations that feed hungry children or adults.

Peanut Butter Bowl began in 2016 with San Antonio high schools: Johnson Jaguars and Brandeis Broncos. For 2017 and 2018, we did the same with Johnson and Brandeis. In those three games, we collected nearly 15,000 jars of peanut butter. In 2019, we expanded to included 6 other high school football teams and communities to collect 14,128 jars worth of peanut butter. In 2020, despite COVID challenges, we had six Peanut Butter Bowls and collected 23,018 jars worth of PB!

Having expanded beyond San Antonio to include New Braunfels and Seguin high schools, we plan for steady expansion to feed hungry people and to raise awareness for community needs and community efforts of great organizations that feed people (includes a growing list: Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio, Daily Bread Ministries, Children’s Hunger Fund, Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries, SOS Food Pantry New Braunfels, Christian Cupboard of Seguin)!

We are grateful for the outstanding leadership of high school football coaches and excited to expand our efforts in 2021.

Peanut Butter Bowl Churches

In 2020 River City Church New Braunfels and Pastor Jason Powers decided to jump on board as our first Peanut Butter Bowl Church. Soon after, River City Community Church with Pastor Sean Azzaro in Selma accepted the challenge. Pastor Stuart Perryman of Agape Christian Church in San Antonio also came all-in to help the efforts.

Through online generosity (every $2 dollars donated equals a jar of peanut butter) and collection of peanut butter these three churches collected nearly 2,000 jars.

Interested in Supporting the Peanut Butter Bowl or Very Bold?

  1. You may Venmo your donation on behalf of your high school team or community at $2 a jar. Please indicate your participating team in the note: What’s it for?
  2. Don’t have a team participating but want to fight hunger? Donate and make a note. We will count your donation and get it to an appropriate food organization.
  3. You may also donate online at
  4. We also invite you to support and donate to Very Bold Ministries using the same Venmo. Please indicate If you would like to support Very Bold when you give through Venmo: in the note: What’s it for. You may also donate directly here on the website for Very Bold.